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Carpet Cleaning, Best Left To The Pros

In the market for a carpet cleaning but not convinced you need a professional?

Well, professionals really make a big difference. Remember when you insisted on changing the car battery yourself? Remember how sad it was to write that check to the mechanic knowing it could have been avoided?

Ok, so carpet cleaning isn't exactly car maintenance, but it is a maintenance of another kind.

Just like cars must be inspected, carpets must be cleaned. It is the nature of the beast. Carpets in top form protect you from any number of potentially hazardous indoor pathogens. They accomplish this by trapping and latching onto all kinds of bacteria, allergens, dust, etc. As long as a carpet is relatively clean, it can hold onto this environmental garbage. However, if a carpet has not be cleaned and has months of pollution stored inside, it will simply send these pathogens packing to the next accommodating host, most likely your upholstery or your air ducts.

Carpet Mechanics

Since you wouldn't dare attempt to change a car battery yourself again, then hopefully you won't try to rent a steam cleaner and DIY either. First of all, it's a lot of physical labor and that is just dangerous. Your mother would be very disappointed.

Second, carpets, rugs, and upholstery all come in diverse fiber choices. A carpet cleaner first inspects the specific type of fiber and then adjusts their cleaning methods accordingly. Of course, stain removal or dying jobs complicate the situation, since another component is thrown into the mix.

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With all the outside factors that play into carpet cleaning, maybe it isn't too exaggerated to compare carpet cleaning to car maintenance after all. Instead of worrying about all these little cleaning details, let Tulip Cleaning Services take care of it for you. Since we're open 7 days a week from 8AM- 8PM and can even schedule same day appointments, there really isn't any excuse not to.

For more information on proper carpet maintenance or to schedule a free price estimate, please visit our website or contact our customer representatives today.

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